"I'm an ordinary guy who likes to make beautiful things. I've had a long journey, not always an easy one. I give everything into Lubeton company i've learned over the years, and what i've been given.  My aim is to bring an authentic beauty to your interior through our products. "

Lubomír Sléha / CEO, Managing Director Lubeton design s.r.o.


1993-1997 SUPŠ Uherské Hradiště - applied painting in architecture and promotion

"LUBETON DESIGN is definitely one of the top companies in the field of of decorative microcements, and I appreciate a wide selection of colors, surface structure, etc. Price comparable to other products on the market per square meter."


Brno / Czech republic

Why us?

  • We offer an exclusive range of products and expertise based on years of experience in their application (high quality microcments of world producers, own original decorative concrete formulations, high quality natural pigments, impregnations, varnishes, etc.)

  • International training and education in the field in 4 European countries. We are creative, innovative and we are constantly learning.

  • Over 100 successful projects in the UK and the Czech Republic.

  • Friendly comunication. Instant feedback on your queries and wishes.

  • Environmentally friendly products.

  • Originality. From a piece of furniture, sinks to the whole bathroom. Each piece is an original.

  • We keep pace with modern technology hand in hand with respect to traditional crafts and handmade work.

  • There are firms that work with concrete and companies that can do decorative microcements. We do not know about any other in the Czech Republic that can deliver you both at the top quality.

From our history

  • 2007-2010 London and interior refurbishment

  • 2010- 2012 Courses and training in 4 European countries (Holland, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium) in decorative plasters & microcements, Venetian stucco etc.

  • 2011-2015 Work for Senso- Dutch design ltd.
    Today's Sphere8 (cooperation continues)
    Realisation of dozens of projects in the field of decorative micromortars as well as very extensive standards for clientele mainly in the UK.

  • 2014- 2015 Action in the Czech Republic under the Mineral design brand.

  • 2015-2016 Establishment of Lubeton ltd. In the UK
    Realisation of dozens of projects in the Czech Republic and the UK.

  • 2017 Launch of Lubeton design s.r.o. in the Czech Republic. We are located in the Czech Republic close to the Brno city. We carry out projects throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.